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Meeting Room

A well-furnished and well-equipped meeting room in your hotel is always a blessing. You can hold important conferences and business meetings in a meeting room in Burnaby hotel. If you are traveling and want to relax for a day or two and yet catch up with your work, then there is nothing like a meeting room. 

Happy Day Inn takes pride in offering a state-of-the-art meeting room for the convenience of its guests. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and unwind at the hotel and still manage to hold important meetings and conferences. You do not need to go back and forth for official work or spoil the holiday mood of your team. You can plan a proper and well organized business meeting in our Vancouver hotel.

If you need to rent a meeting room in Burnaby then there is nothing better than Happy Day Inn. We are committed towards offering you the best facilities in our Vancouver hotel. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur who wants the best setting for holding meetings and seminars with your entire team while on a holiday, then you are at the right place.

Meeting Rooms Vancouver

Meeting Rooms Burnaby Services include:
»   Accommodate up to 40 people
»   Free Wi-Fi
»  Complimentary Tea, Coffee and Water.


Our meeting room can accommodate 40 people at a time. It is a 500 sq ft. meeting room that is equipped with the latest modern techniques and facilities to ensure that you have a smooth and productive meeting session. You can easily organize symposiums and seminars in the meeting room. There is also free Wi-Fi for the benefit of our guests.

In addition, we also offer complimentary services to our guests during their meeting sessions. We make sure that all your meetings have complimentary tea, coffee or water as per your requirement.

Why Choose Us?

Happy Day Inn offers the best facilities coupled with courteous staff that looks after your minutest needs. Whether you need assistance to arrange for a meeting or oversee your needs in your suite or hotel room, we value each and every guest. The comfort and convenience of the guests is of top priority and we work towards ensuring that they are offered prompt service.

Happy Day Inn is a well-known hotel based in Burnaby and is just 20 minutes drive from Vancouver. It offers different rooms, luxury rooms, suites and other accommodation based on your budget. It offers top facilities and amenities irrespective of your budget.


For more details or to rent a meeting room in Burnaby, call us at (604) 524-8501.

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